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Peace Essays: What To Mention

If you intend to write an essay about peace, you probably are in the middle of a grueling class on political science, foreign relations, or sociology. Such courses require deep intellectual rigor, novelty of thought, and the marshaling of an extensive body of evidence in support of one’s claims. These high and multifaceted expectations are challenging in the best of circumstances, but when discussing a subject as deep and varied as peace, they can seem utterly impossible to meet.

If you’re writing about peace, it will be impossible for you to mention every historical fact or political factor that is relevant. You have to zero in on a few sub-topics to discuss, and restrict your research process to a particular time period, region of the world, or overall theoretical concept. That said, there are some factors you should always keep in mind when writing about peace, no matter the sub area you end up discussing. Here are a few of them.

Peace Is Not Always A Desired Goal

It may seem obvious to you that all individuals want peace. A world or region free of violent conflict seems like such an obvious good that it is hard to imagine anyone would wish for the opposite. This is a highly naive view, unfortunately. Many people historically and conventionally have benefited from war and conflict, and there are many political factions that have seen a need for nonpeaceful protest and collective action. Your essay should not neglect this fact, even if you find it incredibly morally objectionable.

Many Factions Have Benefited From War Or Conflict

Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been parties with a vested interest in conflict or war. Since industrialization, war has proven to be effective in boosting nations’ economies. The entire principle driving fascism in the 1940s was the idea that generating wars and conquering other countries generated production, brought wealth into a country, and boosted the economy. This same mentality is evident in the United States to this day, especially among neo-conservative theorists.

There are also many people who use war and violence to further political ends as well as economic ones. Many leaders have knowingly incited racial, ethnic, or religious conflicts as a means of controlling their populace or destroying a political threat. This is especially evident in modern day Sudan, though it was also at the heart of the conflict in Rwanda, as well as much of World War Two.

Peaceful Methods Are Not Always Effective

It is easy to demonize political figures who resort to war or violence, but peaceful protests have not always been effective. Study the historical context before you pass judgment on activists or revolutionaries who did not preace nonviolence. For every Gandhi there is a Nelson Mandela.

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