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How to Write a Persuasive Argumentative Essay

Here is how you would make a strong claim for your argument in order for the readers to be convinced of your argument. The first thing you need to do is verify your argument with credible facts. For example, if you’re arguing that today’s children are lacking motivation and interest in reading compared to the children of forty years ago, you would discuss the latest studies that deal with today’s children who are becoming addicted to video games, the Internet and other forms of digital media as a source of learning and entertainment. You can also discuss the reading habits of children forty years ago as a historical framework for the essay.

How Argue Against Discrimination in an Argumentative Essay

Here is a common topic that is covered in many argumentative research essays and here is how you can write a paper on discrimination against women in particular. You can start by writing an introduction that discusses the history of women’s struggles in America and why gender discrimination is still an important issue. You can include case studies from the past two years on this topic and interviews with local sociologists if possible.

Don’t Write on A Very Broad Topic

This is not a good idea because you will end up with a longer essay than normal and your argument will look confusing and undefined, causing the reader to misunderstand your essay. It is better to narrow your topic down to something you handle and write about within a short period of time.

How You Can Create The Best Thesis Statement

When you create a thesis statement, you want to narrow in on the topic that you are the most passionate about and build an argument on this throughout the essay. For example, if you are arguing against people getting married right out of high school because it is not the best choice economically, you will need to discuss facts from various sources that lead to this thesis statement’s validity.


Writing an argumentative essay takes research and time, but when you write about your topic in a well-researched way, you are able to convince readers of your argument and the professor will give a good grade based on how well you followed instructions. Argumentative essays are designed to bring light to certain issues and your essays might spark inspiration in others to do more for their families and communities.

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