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Essay Editing is a very important Thing

What is the purpose of editing your essay? Have you been careful in your writing and spelling? Do you feel editing is just a waste of your time? How can anyone else find anything wrong with this great piece of literary work you’ve written? Sometimes that prideful thinking can be the downfall of a potentially great essay.

Good writers know editing is essential. They wouldn’t skip it for anything. Truth is, if you try to be your own editor, you are making a grave mistake. You are more likely than anyone else to not see your own mistakes. That’s right; you can actually read your own mistakes over and over again and never really notice they’re staring right at you!

What is the purpose of editing your essay?

Who should edit your paper?

The editor should always work in close contact with the writer, so that any changes can be agreed upon. The writer should always see and approve any changes before the editor makes them. When there are many edits to be made, the entire essay must be re-read again from start to finish, ensuring everything still makes sense and has the right flow of thoughts.

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