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Who Can Edit Your Application Essay For Free?

Whenever you’re looking for something that’s free, it usually means one of three things. First, there is someone who loves and cares about you so much they are willing to help you with no monetary payment. Second, you find something that’s free because it really has very little value like someone on the internet with no skills. Third, someone is trying to trick or scam you into getting something for free and then they convince you that you must buy this, that or the other service from them also.

What options do you have?

Let’s take a minute to dissect each one of these three scenarios. Who can edit your application for no cost? Well one of your parents probably would. But how good would they be at it? Are you lucky enough to have an expert editor for a parent? Or maybe one of your teachers from last year would agree to do it, simply because they want you to succeed. A roommate, perhaps?

Okay now for the second option – you find a website on the internet that offers free editing of your own written work. Do you trust them? Why would they offer this service for free? Can you feel good about submitting your application essay to them? What if they keep it and sell it to the next student that comes along?

The third option is similar to the second except that the scam is trying to get you to buy something so they can recoup their time by having you pay for it in one way or another.

If none of the three options above sound appealing, how about trying this option: pay a reasonably low fee to get your application essay edited by a professional? Just go online and pay a legitimate writing service to give you a really good proofreading and editing of your application essay.

What’s the most reasonable?

Weighing all the options above, the most reasonable one might be the first option if you still really need it done for free. At least with a friend or relative you can trust them not to scam you. If you don’t mind paying a small stipend for a really good editing, then the last option of hiring a writing service to edit your essay is the next best option. Remember this application essay is a critical point that determines the rest of your academic career. It really might be worth doing the right way.

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