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Standard Research Paper Layout

A standard layout for a research paper can vary based on requirements of your school institution or instructor.  A layout helps you plan ahead for your data.  You can collect your thoughts and organize them in a proper manner.  Because research papers call for clear understanding of data related to the subject manner, a prepared layout can make for a better result.  Details provided below give a basic understanding of what you can expect when working on your layout.  While these are basic recommendations you should consult with your instructor upon formatting your work. 

Common guidelines followed for formatting may either be the APA or MLA formats.  Basic components of your research paper layout may include: abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion, experience, and reference sections. 

There are sample research papers you can view to see a standard layout.  Other topics to think about, depending on requirements for your paper, may include margin setting, spacing, font, titles & headings, page numbering, binding, and tables/graphs or photos.  In many cases, guidelines are specified for a variety of elements previously mentioned.  Having a layout for your research paper when research data is collected helps you get ahead in getting your paper created. You can display data in a clear easy to read manner.

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