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Why Is Writing an Essay so Frustrating?

For some students it’s math. For others, it’s memorizing dates of historical events. Every student has a task that brings them to their wit’s end at some point or another, and for many it’s essay writing.

Understanding the Process

To overcome the frustration of essay writing, each student needs to understand what part of the process he or she is stymied by. For some, it’s the subject matter—the class the essay is for. For others, it’s figuring out an essay topic. Some students have trouble formulating ideas for an essay, while others just get stuck on actually writing the final paper. Pinpointing where a student becomes frustrated is the first step to finding a less stressful way to write an essay.

Subject & Topic

If a student despises their literature class, they may think any essay is going to be a pain. If they have a bit of freedom in choosing their topic, however, they may find that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Likewise, for students that might enjoy the overall subject but have difficulty in coming up with a topic, it’s all about finding the right perspective. Even for analytical essays without an opinionated slant, every essay needs a unique perspective. When a student can find their own perspective to write from, it can ease the frustration that comes from disliking the subject or topic.

Formulating Ideas

Students that have difficulty formulating ideas for their essay are often not organizing their essay properly. By forming a clear thesis, main idea, or argument, and then creating an outline to support it, formulating the ideas behind the writing becomes far simpler.

Writing the Essay

Organization is also key to writing the essay. Once an outline has been formed, students can then approach the essay in discrete parts rather than become overwhelmed by the writing of a essay-length piece. Even single parts can be further broken down. An introduction can be described in three parts: stating the main idea, summarizing the support for the idea, and transitioning into the essay itself.

Still Frustrated?

Even these helpful tips might not be enough for the student who’s truly stuck. In that case, the best advice is to seek outside help. Consulting with a friend, tutor, instructor, or even a writing service can be the best solution in certain cases. Sometimes nothing more than talking the frustration out can help.

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