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Social media has exploded in recent years with billions of people all around the world using it in some shape or form on a daily basis. Individuals use it to communicate to family members, friends and even reestablish long lost relationships. Businesses use it to increase profits while marketing, promoting and advertising their products and services. With social media concepts showing their abilities to do so much overtime, why have so many people expressed dismay over its existence?

Social media has helped to do the unthinkable with technology such as solve crimes, end relationships, spread secrets and even exploit inappropriate behavior among teens. It started off as being an online concept through websites that allow you to communicate to others based on similar interests. Now, you can share practically your whole life using more than just words. The ability to share videos and photos has taken this concept to new heights with many wondering if we are better off than we were before social media existed.

For instance, well-known businesses that have been in existence for years did their advertising, marketing and promoting the old fashion way using mailers, phone calls, and word-of-mouth. You can get your message across in different ways with social media, but there are still people who rather not use it at all and find it pointless. They enjoy face-to-face communication instead of being behind a keyboard. Few feel social media is helping people in general portray an image that is not truly their own. They may have a platform simply for bragging about something they think they will not have to prove later on.

Overall, millions have found a reason to use it in their daily lives, even though there are signs people are getting bored with its concepts. As a valuable tool that can be easy to use, others find it easy to abuse considering account hacking, falsifying information, and privacy evasion all increasing as people continue to use it. It can be fun to share humorous, inspirational or useful content to others. But there are those who seem to lack understanding in having limitations to what is shared. This can lead to a positive or negative experience that can have lasting effects even after your account is closed or deleted. More people find it challenging to make time to use social media, but others feel it is imperative to use it to get information they need to know in a hurry.

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