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Sexism in Media

The importance of media can not be ignored or neglected in our modern society. Media can be considered as the powerful tool of communication and it produces both negative and positive impacts on the society. This essay focuses on the increasing rate of sexism in media and its influences and impacts on the society. It must be treated as a serious issue or problem because teens, females and general public are the general victim of this powerful tool. On the other hand, it yields best result for the marketing companies but social issues related to sexism in media should be taken seriously instead of getting economical benefits. The growing rate of sexism in media should be at least minimized if it can not be banned completely. The importance of advertisement can not be neglected but it must not be done by using the sex as an instrument to gain public attention. These type of advertises not only exploit the teen or kid innocence but also present the undress woman as an sex object which is the major factor to increase the violence and crimes such as rape against women.

This paragraph will present some interesting facts and information which are related to the topic. In this essay, only advertising media is being focused because of the fact that they consider sex as a basic requirement to sell their products. In such type of ads, the women bodies are being misused which present the women as a piece of entertainment and result in the sexual harassment against them. Sexual imagery of the little girls or teen in such ads increases the sexual abuses and it has been reported in last decades that 450000 US children have been sexually abused. These kinds of ads not only degrade the self respect of woman but also insult them. There is a need of powerful government based organization to keep a close eye on such ads and advertisers must be punished according to a particular legal framework.

In the end, it can be concluded that along with government, social media should also raise the voice against the growing rate of sexism in media. NGO’s and welfare trusts should organize the campaign against this issue and legal notice can be sent to such advertisers who use sexual imagery to sell their products. Religion and religious organization can also play a vital role in order to overcome this particular issue. Advertiser should also concentrate on other possible and thoughtful ads instead of exploiting the teen, females and large number of common peoples by using such cheap tricks. Indeed advertisers get good results but they are actually committing a crime against the humanity by doing so.

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