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Effects of Gender on Business Communication

Since the memorial, men and women communicate and express their feelings in a different way. This is because both women and men have different needs and different things thus simply communicating in a very different way motivate us says.

With so many women and men equally ruling the world business, the need to understand and communicate effectively has become very essential to both parties, failure to which it leads to unnecessary conflicts. The effects of gender communication can be fatal in a business sector if they don’t understand each other, men are known to be more direct and hard in their decision while women are known to soft and indirect in there communication, while both seems to be very different way communication they may be meaning the same thing argues.

Men use their language to inform maintain and preserve independent, status and position, while women use their language to create, negotiate, and connect a relationship in the business, believes that the languages that a man and woman use always reach to a certain conclusion in the business deals.

Women discuss their problems with the other members of her staff or business community as a way of getting her solution; while men believe to keeping to themselves and getting their own solutions on their own, a woman may see this as a sigh of ego while a man see it as a sigh of frustration says.

It is known that women use their body language more than men do argues that a woman can express by using acquiescent gestures. Men use gestures like stare and commanding gestures for their non-verbal communication. This becomes hard to understand if a man really likes what you are discussing or if a woman is really giving you a positive agreement or just being in agreement with you.

Communication plays an important role in the business world and whether you are a man or woman, it is important we understand each other effectively and respect each other way of communication for the growth of the business and for better understanding of the role, that each play in the business.

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