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Utilizing E-business at Ocean King Transportation Co., Ltd.

Research Methods

This project was conducted by combination of qualitative methods (i.e., personal interviews) including research into the background and operations of the company to understand its operational methods. This was followed by formulation of an implementation plan for the company to bring e-business into its operations.
The primary research method employed was personal interviews. Interviews were carried out with the CEO and the employees of Ocean King Transportation Co., Ltd. Moreover, additional information was also obtained through Internet resources for the purpose of this project. These sources included interviews of executives who had a track record of successfully implementing e-business principle.

The interview with the Ocean King Transportation Co., Ltd., CEO Witoon Kitiwattanabumrung was designed to identify the sources of company problems so that effective solutions using e-business capabilities could be formulated to address the key issues (Kitiwattanabumrung, Interview, March 20, 2011).

Because in-house expertise was inadequate to support the implementation of an e-business solution at any level, an additional step in the project was to determine criteria for choosing an IT consultant who would act as long-term consultant over a period of months to years and who could guide the development of e-business strategies over an extended period.  A literature search identified characteristics that would make appropriate criteria, and those were then used to create a small group of potential consultants. That small group was screend and a few final possibilities were interviewed by the company management to determine which would best meet the company‚Äôs overall needs for e-business help.

As noted in Kross et al., (2000), the first priority of any e-business implementation is to ensure that upper management buys into the program. Without that source of management support, there is little likelihood of a successful implementation of the plan. Thus, the final phase of this project was a presentation of the plan to upper management of the company to obtain that buy-in.

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