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How To Polish Your PhD Thesis

Every student knows, and particularly those at the higher end of the academic world, that good writing always includes good editing and polishing. This applies to the most humble of four paragraph essays and certainly, obviously, to a much more lengthy and detailed PhD thesis. Any graduate who has tackled a thesis will know that a huge amount of work is involved. And rather than go over the blindingly obvious things such as checking for spelling and grammar errors, as well as repetition and incorrect citation, there are a number of other ways you can consider polishing your PhD thesis.

Remember your goal

One of the best ways to polish your thesis is to realize that you are not writing a book. This is not something you are submitting to a publisher. That's not to say that you might not do something along those lines with something along the lines of your thesis at some time in the future. But in the immediate scenario you are writing a PhD thesis in order to obtain a particular qualification. Think of it as just that. It is a detailed essay which is to be delivered to your college or university.

Who will read it?

Get it into your mind that the world will not read your PhD thesis. In fact you might be able to count on the fingers of both your hands the number of people who will actually get to read your PhD thesis from beginning to end. That is not to say that it should not be absolutely perfect. But when you realize that you are aiming to obtain a qualification and that your academic peers or superiors rather will be the ones assessing your work, that should be a driving force in the polishing of your work.

There is nothing wrong with positive feedback

As you are proceeding in the writing of your thesis, it's always possible to show it to somebody with sufficient reading experience and intelligence to give you some feedback. This is not the official feedback you will get when discussing the project with your tutor as the work progresses. But in getting feedback from peers or colleagues or even family and friends, it gives you the opportunity to see things from another person’s point of view. They may of course point out typos which is always helpful. But they could also say to you that you are repeating yourself in a particular section or that your description in another section is vague and misleading. Having that simple feedback to hand as the work is progressing, gives you a chance to really polish your PhD thesis.

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