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How to Edit Essays: Four Typical Mistakes You Should Avoid When Reviewing Your Paper

Once you have finished your paper, you want to make sure it is perfect. Do not spend hours working on a paper to get a lower grade because you did not edit it properly. There are several tips to follow when you are editing to help you with the process and some things you should avoid when reviewing a paper.

Let it Sit/Do Not Work With It For Too Long

It is difficult to catch your own mistakes. If you have been working with your paper for a while then it will be even more difficult to see your errors. Put your paper for a while when you finish it. Take it out a while later when you have fresh eyes.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute to Review

Never wait until the last minute to review your paper. If you have a large error, you may not have the time to correct the mistake. Always give yourself time to correct your mistakes after you review your paper.

Not Using a Check List

If you want to make sure you catch all of your mistakes, use a checklist. If you do not use a checklist you may forget to proof an important part of the paper. Some of the things on the checklist might be:

Not Reviewing or Using Your First Draft

It is very rare when a first draft is good enough to be submitted without any corrections. It is also rare when a paper does not need to be reviewed. Remember to have a friend or teacher check it for you. Just because you cannot see mistakes does not mean that there are not any mistakes. Always write more than one draft and always review your paper for mistakes.

As you write your papers in school, try to avoid these four common review mistakes. Avoiding them will help you to have a better end result. Always leave time and make time to review your paper carefully before submitting it to your teacher. Your grade will be better and having this review routine will help you to be a better writer.

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