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Paper Proofreading Guide: Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are multiple occasions in life when you will be required to write essays. Some of these include:

The important thing to remember is however many essays you write, it is important to go through them at least once before submitting them, either online or otherwise. Even when proofreading, there are certain things you should look into in order to make sure you complete your proofreading correctly. This article discusses a few ways in which you can avoid common errors when proofreading your essay.


Once you complete your essay, you should go through it more than once. As soon as you complete it, go through it the first time and look for any grammatical errors you may have missed or spelling errors you may have overlooked. It would be a good idea to actually work on your essay on the computer because the software automatically helps you do that and that would save precious time.


When you are checking whether you have written exactly what is required of you, you need to set aside the essay for a couple of days before even looking at it again. This gives you time to forget the essay and concentrate on other things and, when you look at it again, you will have an open mind about the content. The questions you should ask yourself are:


Most people just skim through the essay when looking for mistakes. This is okay in an exam situation when you don’t have much time to read the entire essay (unless you actually do), but otherwise, it is good practice to go through the entire essay. When you skim over the essay, you miss out the important bits and it gets reflected in your grade then. Skimming is also a sign of overconfidence, saying that you know your work and you can do nothing about it anymore. Just put your essay aside and look at it later; you will be surprised at how much you might be able to change.

In conclusion, it depends on what importance the essay holds when you’re looking to proofread it. It is good practice to always take time to proofread it so that you get used to the practice.

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