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Becoming a Professional Academic Editor

Are you an excellent writer? Do you love throwing words down on paper, mixing them up and composing an originally crafted work? Does it just come naturally to you – grammar, style, language? If it does, you can find quick and easy employment in places you never thought possible. One of the leading job selections for young, intelligent writers today rests in the field of academic editing. With a high and always increasing demand amongst college students for paper editors, it’s no wonder that this specific job is rising in employment rates even while others drop!

There are very few jobs in this world with as much freedom, pay off and personal gratification as academic editing. First of all, you have the freedom to work as much or as little as you wish. If you work individually, you can even personally select the clients and jobs you wish to undertake. If you work for an organization, you’ll still have a fair amount of freedom to choose your own employment. Plus, this is one of the only consistent jobs where you can work from home! With great pay rates, flexible hours and a comfortable working space (even in your own bedroom, if you want!) work as an academic editor is cushy, enjoyable and financially smart!

However, no one can land a job like this overnight. To become an academic editor, you have to go through some hoops. Rest assured, though; these requirements are no more rigorous than the requirements for any other writing jobs. Academic editors, naturally, need college education. This can be an associate, bachelor, master or higher degree; whatever it is, it should be relevant to English and editing and benefit your individual expertise. Once you’ve acquired the appropriate amount of education, you can likely get working right away! Online writing services are always looking to hire new and ambitious talent. Other aspects that help individuals on the way to academic writing, of course, are experience and training. Students that take excess classes or programs in editing have a better chance of getting hired than those that simple acquire a degree. At the same time, working as a writer, editor or proofreader for newspapers, magazines, websites, books or other writing companies will make you much more appealing to future academic writing employers.

Becoming a professional academic editor is easy: all you need is some education, some dedication and access to the internet! With some ambition and some luck, you’ll be editing dozens of academic assignments in no time!

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