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A Guide For Polishing Your Entrance Essay

The admissions or entrance essay is required for several types of academic documents, notably the graduate school application. Although the entrance essay is a common requirement for graduate programs, it's also notably featured as a part of entrance applications for undergraduates.

An entrance essay generally features a personal statement that pertains to the student's academic career, their experiences, goals and other aspects of their personal life. This part of an entrance application is essential, since students more or less use this portion of the document to show admissions committees their qualifications for the graduate program or school they're interested in attending.

Writing the entrance essay can be difficult for students, though it's a relatively simple process. After the writing process is complete, students need to polish and revise their entrance essay before submission along with an application.

Polishing the entrance essay

Polishing an entrance essay is a straightforward process. It's the entire revision process from start to finish. Students need to use this time to look over their entrance essay and rework into a piece that best reflects what they want to convey to an admissions committee.

Before polishing an entrance essay, students need to put away their work for at least a few days, particularly if their deadlines allows it. This helps students look at their essay with 'fresh eyes,' letting them catch mistakes that they couldn't see before.

It's also suggested to read the entrance essay out loud to see if it reads well. Most students read their entrance essays to themselves, though it's also helpful to have another person do it. Text to speech software lets people have their text read to them in a computerized voice; it's useful for catching grammatical mistakes that eyes can't immediately see.

Another suggestion for revising and polishing an entrance essay involves printing it out to make corrections directly onto the physical document. This method is effective, as it allows a student to 'see' their mistakes on paper.

Some of the final steps of polishing an entrance essay involve checking the punctuation, spelling and the formatting of the entire document. The spelling errors within the document should be completely removed and corrected by the time the entrance essay is completed; that step also applies to the punctuation.

The entrance essay should also adhere to any formatting guidelines that may be required by the organization that may receive the essay for submission. Polishing an entrance essay is an essential part of writing the essay, since it helps make the essay itself a complete work.

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