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How to Write a One Page Executive Summary?

When teachers assign executive summaries, most students just raise their eyebrows and ask – a what? These important documents are designed to intrigue potential customers or investors into backing a plan or product. It’s extremely important to master this type of writing, especially if you’re looking to enter the business world. Without top-notch executive summaries, you can guarantee no one will be interested in your product or service. Mastering the art of executive summaries will keep you at the top of your business game and make you a successful entrepreneur with little effort.

One key to writing an executive summary is keeping is brief – you don’t want to overload or bore your potential investor. However, how can you write an informative, captivating summary but only keep it one page? Most students don’t know how to do this when they’re granted ten pages! Though the feat may seem impossible, it truly isn’t. Luck for you, we’ve got the tips you need!

Executive Summary Writing Guideline

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