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Nursing essays: completing an excellent conclusion

College and career essays are an important way to highlight your knowledge on a specific subject. They can also function as proof of a new topic of research – or even a new conclusion on an important subject. Regardless of their function, essays are an important part of academic and professional communication on important topics.

Nursing essays, like any other subject, are important as a piece of reference work. Your essay must be relevant, understandable, concise, and clear. To effectively create a resume, there are some key elements that you must always include. One of these is an excellent conclusion.

Your Compelling Conclusion – Nursing Essays

It is important that your essay is concluded in a way that makes your argument stick with the reader – and gives them an overall view of your point. Your conclusion will determine how your reader receives, and walks away from, your overall point.

There are a few things that every essay must include:

  1. Strong reference to points within the essay: While you shouldn’t recount every single discussion point, you essay must always tie it all together. Make the points that you made stick in the reader’s mind by tying them all together.
  2. Restatement of thesis: Remind the reader what your overall point is. And why it is relevant. Based on what points you have included, make your thesis statement again – and make it compelling so that they can use the points you have made to come to the same overall conclusion
  3. Include a hook: Many essays include a hook to keep their point in the minds of the readers. Hooks are most often included in the introduction (to keep the reader engaged) and at the end of the essay to keep the reader thinking about the topic after they have read the entire piece. Hooks are often strong and compelling quotes from a strong source, reference material information like surprising statistics, or even poems. Think about what will make your topic stick – and try to connect with your readers again in your conclusion.

Writing a strong conclusion is an important part of the essay writing process – and it is also a fairly simple process. By following the above tips, you can make sure readers are both engaged and educated by your writing – and leave the piece having learned more about your view and authority on the subject.

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