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Where To Look For Alcohol Research Paper Help

Alcohol, along with its health and social effects, has been a subject of political debate for centuries. From Hogarth's appalling images of Gin Lane (actually meant as a contrast to the prosperous, healthy residents of Beer Street, but that's another story) to the USA's disastrous experiment with Prohibition and the current concerns about "binge drinking," it's always on the agenda somewhere and as such makes a popular topic for research papers. If you're planning a paper on the subject, though, where should you look for information? This guide should point you in the right direction. So, here are some of the best sources:

Medical Journals

Medical journals - widely available online through sources like PubMed - contain many studies into the effects of alcohol. They deal with the effects of excessive drinking as well as the apparent benefits of more moderate consumption, making them a useful and balanced place to look.

Medical Associations

Professional organizations like the American Medical Association or British Medical Association often maintain websites dealing with issues like alcohol abuse. Where journals usually focus on scientific rigor, association websites give an insight into what doctors actually think.

Health Agency Websites

The websites and publications of government health agencies, such as the US Surgeon General's Office or the British Department of Health, can be valuable sources of information. They are usually aimed at promoting sensible drinking, so they have a strong educational element, but often use studies to back up their arguments. They are also a great place to find out about ideas to limit alcohol abuse, such as proposed laws.

Advocacy Groups

While these sources tend to be strongly biased in favor of one point of view, looking at pressure groups like the American group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (actually a group that wants to bring back Prohibition) or the British Licensed Victuallers' Association (which runs pubs) is very helpful in understanding the arguments on both sides of the issue.

History Resources

Because the debate about alcohol has been running for so long, there are plenty of examples from history that can help to assess the problems and how to deal with them. It's also handy to understand how social attitudes to alcohol have changed. Beer was once seen as healthy, to the point that British sailors were actually issued a gallon of it a day. On the other hand gin (now a very middle-class drink) was seen as a scourge in Victorian England and the USA enacted the disastrous policy of Prohibition from 1920 to 1933, creating a national organized crime problem that is still going strong 80 years later.

Whatever aspect of alcohol you're dealing with, one of these sources is almost bound to have the information you're looking for. It shouldn't take long to find all you need to write a compelling and informative paper.

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