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Asthma Essay Introduction

Asthma is a severe breathing problem most notable by difficulty breathing, wheezing, and tightness in the chest. An essay on asthma can be rather easy to write since it’s based solely on fact and very little to no opinion. In short, you’re likely to handle an informative essay on asthma than say an argumentative essay.

We’ll focus on handling the introduction for your essay. Remember, this is likely to be informative unless you’re discussing some sort of conflicting views on recent discoveries concerning asthma.

“Is that likely?”

Not really. It could pop up, but most of the time—a hard “most”—you’ll deliver an informative essay on this subject.


Research is a given with any essay. You’ll have to do it. There’s no “maybe” to it. When doing your research, look up whatever you can about asthma. While research is best used to not only draw out a thesis statement for you to work with and harvest facts to give your essay legs, it can also be used to narrow a very broad subject.

Asthma is not one of those subjects that need to be narrowed. It’s not that asthma is such an important topic or dangerous condition that you shouldn’t narrow it, but there’ very little in the way of topics to go in with asthma. It’s not exactly a sprawling subject with legal conflicts and precedents and ethical concerns about what should and should be allowed.

“So you mean it’s not…bioethics?”

Yes, it’s bioethics. You’re not getting into gene manipulation and stem cell research. Now that we’ve established how much you’ll have to work with, let’s move on to…

Ask Yourself Questions

Ask questions about each topic and put down your answers. The answer will serve as your thesis statement. If you decide to address all questions asked, research the questions and see how the data can support your answer—or even if it does.

Essay Introduction

You want a very strong introduction to open my essay. Your introduction will include your thesis statement as well as a preview of all the topics that will be discussed. The strength of your introduction will set the pace for the rest of essay, but not the flow. The flow will be established by how long you stay on particular topics concerning asthma before moving on to the next topic.

While the rest of your introduction is mainly a preview, it’s your thesis statement you’ll want to worry about the most. The thesis statement tells everything about your essay and what the reader will be sitting through for the next could of pages or paragraphs.

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