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Where can I Find Good Essay Editing Assistance

The essay is finished, and now it is time for the final editing, where is the best place to get assistance? Sound familiar? Many students go through this, and have to struggle with it. But it is not that hard to do, it is just often not knowing where to look. So do not feel alone out there, but this article should be able to shed some light on your search.

  1. Internet
  2. School
  3. Friends
  4. Local Service
  5. Look Before you Need


The internet when used right, can be a great tool and resource. There are many listings for Essay editors, and Student Assistance sites that offer easy editing. Doing a search for “Essay Editing”, will turn up a lot of these. Like always check the site’s listed personnel, or what types of people they use to do this work. If they do not look credible, then do not use them. Otherwise, most of these sites provide good people to do this work, and those that are trained in a field related to this.


Many schools offer some form of assistance for students. Looking in the Student Services Department is a great place to start. Even if they do not offer editing services, they very likely could know a local, or a good Student Services site, that they would recommend. Another place to look, is in the Library, as the school library might offer some services for this, or maybe one of the graduate students does this on the side to make extra money.


Almost everyone knows a friend that is good in English, and is willing to help. Some might do it for extra money at school, some might do it for free. It is up to them, and do not be stingy with those that ask for a fee. After all, it is taking their time.

Local Services

Around many universities and Colleges, Student support groups have sprung up. They can offer a lot of different services, including Essay Editing. These will usually cost, but they use Education and English majors, as well as other qualified operators. These places, like most sites, qualify the people that work for them.

Look Before you Need

It is always a good practice, to learn what is available to the student. Look around early, before the need comes up, that way the hard work is done before hand. Save the places you find, in a file on your computer or laptop, so the information is there when it is needed.

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