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Proofreading An Essay May Be As Easy As Pie

Proofreading is an essential step in the writing process. It serves to ensure that your work of literary art is in top quality without mistake in capitalization or punctuation, as well as providing a great way to check, mark, and correct errors in spelling and grammar. This process is the grit that will create a polished and shining piece of writing. In this article I will show you how proofreading does not need to be a scary process, but instead can be as easy as pie.

How to proofread

There are only a few things that you need to remember when you are proofreading a paper. The majority of what you will need to learn and know are the proofreading marks. Marks such as…

There are these and many other marks that can be easily located online that should be used in your proofreading to indicate mistakes in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and even spacing. These marks serve to explicitly indicate mistakes that you will want to correct in later drafts.

Have someone else read it

After you have proofread your paper you should have another person read over your essay to see if they find any additional mistakes that you may have missed. It may serve you well to provide them a copy of your paper that you have not marked up or edited at all. This will give you a chance to see if they notice the same mistakes that you did and also see what additional mistakes that they notice. Another thing that could be beneficial is to have multiple people proofread your paper. This will ensure that you will gain the perspective of many different people’s opinion about your paper and the mistakes contained within. The most important things to remember are that the people proofreading your paper must be knowledgeable about the standard proofreading marks and the topic in order to facilitate better communication of the errors made.

By having multiple people read and proofread your paper, and by learning the proofreading marks you will have a much better chance of your writing turning out error free. This will help you maintain grades and standards that you can be proud of.

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