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Are There Any Rules For Editing A Simple Academic Essay?

In order to ensure that an academic essay is written and formatted properly, a few key points should be looked at and made certain to not be overlooked. These topics are:

Fact Check

If someone writing an essay for academia wants to be taken seriously, they should always fact check their article. One of the most embarrassing things that could take place when writing an essay is to get one’s facts incorrect. If a professor were to read a student's’ essay about how the Chinese won the American Revolution against the British, the student would not only be laughed out of academia, but always receiving a failing grade for the assignment.


One of the biggest red flags to occur in the academic field is someone found to be committing plagiarism. The worst feeling in the world is when someone takes months if not years to formulate an intelligent and thought provoking piece to just have someone else attempt to pass it off as their own writing. It is not only an embarrassment to the original author, but it can bring shame and ridicule upon the one plagiarizing. This person can also be removed from their position whether a student or instructor.


Nothing is wrong, however, with citing someone else’s work in order to formulate one’s own well thought out and educated opinion. Hundreds of websites and books exist to explain to a person how to properly cite scholarly texts whether they be journals, books, media, websites or periodicals. Depending on the discipline the paper is being used for, scholars should insist on following the proper citation method whether it be Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.

Peer Review

Before turning a paper into a professor, a writer should have someone review their work. In a perfect world it should be someone that is a tutor in the subject or someone that has taken the course before, to ensure that neither student takes another’s idea and ends up plagiarizing each other’s work. If a peer is not available, having even a family member check the paper for spelling and grammatical errors is beneficial.

Faculty Review

The final stage of a paper should be the faculty member checking the article, offering insight and returning the paper for critiquing and draft purposes. Once this step is completed and the student is allowed to begin their second or third draft, these steps should be taken again until the final copy is due for grading.

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