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Essay writing help: how to be creative

Preparing thoroughly when writing an essay

When it comes to writing a good essay, and being creative, if you are well read then this can give you a great advantage. By understanding a topic and being aware of what it takes to write a good piece of work, then it can help you to be more creative and come up with better ideas.

As a result, it is essential that you read as much as possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be completely relevant to an essay that you are writing, instead, by reading good and well-written content, you can help to improve your own writing style.

Using appropriate language

Using appropriate language does not necessarily just mean not using rude or offensive words - although it is important not to do this if it were to be inappropriate. Rather, using appropriate language means using words in your work to enhance your essay. You want your essay to read as well as possible and, therefore, by using a wide variety of vocabulary, you can help to make it interesting and is descriptive as possible.

Whilst it is generally a good thing to use a wide vocabulary, it is also important to remember that if you make it too complicated, then the reader may simply not understand the words you intend to use. This may make you sound clever; however, if it attracts from the meaning that you are trying to portray because the reader does not understand the long and uncommonly used words, then this can actually have a negative result. This does not mean that you should avoid using intricate words altogether; however, do not rely on them to try and improve the content of your work, instead, use sound arguments to do this.

Structure is important to your essay

To maximise the creativity of your essay, it is important that the structure that you use is effective as possible. For a start, it is important that your sentence structure makes sense and is appropriate and effective. Longer and badly constructed sentences can detract from your intended meaning, so it is best to be as thorough as possible, but without appearing to drawl on.

As well as using correct sentence structure, it is important to use a good overall format. By using logically created arguments, any creativity that you do use is easier to understand and will enhance your essay more if used in a well-structured essay.

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