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What to know about Editing an Application Paper

Writing an application paper is certainly the key first step to our continued education and into our college entrance. Selecting the proper essay question to write about, the one that actually interests you most is the first important step to writing the essay. It is always much easier to create content and write about something that is of interest to us. When we are interested in what we write our thoughts come freely and our writing almost effortless. But like all papers we write eventually there is the need for editing and proofreading to place it into acceptable format for submitting.

Editing the Paper

Remember that an application paper is meant to be all about you, the writer. It is intended to be a very personalized document that sets forth the person that you are and exposes your personality. When writing such a personal document you want to be certain that the reader is slowly becoming acquainted with who you are on a personal level and not just another student trying to get into college. While writing and editing your piece be conscious of utilizing simple words that truly describe the thought you are trying to convey. Your desire is to have your reader feel your words and message and walk away with the feeling of knowing you on somewhat of a personal level. To accomplish this you want to present your text as if you were standing right in front of that person and talking to them. It is very important to stay focused on the fact that you are trying to present “you” as the topic and not just some assigned topic to write about. You are trying to sell yourself to the reader and acquaint them with the person behind the words. Remember that it is not necessary to perform this feat by using long complicated words but rather through the use of simple descriptive and all natural words that talk about you and that show the reader who you are.

One more very important guideline to keep in mind when editing your application is to make your paper unique. Every student writing an application paper is an individual and indeed every individual is unique. So you want to remain focused on being unique. By unique we do not mean the unique “idea” to write about as much as we mean the individual “story” you can write about while telling it in a wonderfully exciting fashion. By using this technique of writing and talking about yourself, you are definitely going to capture the attention of your reader, familiarize them with who you are on a personal level, and have them finish with a feeling as though they have just met you personally and want to learn more about you.

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