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Improving the Ballistics Resistance of Ceramics - Term Paper Sample

This paper will focus will focus on will focus on improving the ballistics resistance of ceramics in dimension of the process involved, importance and opportunities. Improving the ballistics resistance of ceramics in this context means increasing the strength of ceramics to resist damage by hit of weapons. Improvement resistance ballistics of ceramics has opened new doors of applications in various fields in global world.

Ceramic materials are generally known strong to withstand compression and weak to tension and therefore are brittle in nature, but with more improvement of ceramic of aspect ballistic resistance, has enabled to overcome that nature. Some of ceramic materials which are used for ballistic application include Boron Carbide, Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride and Silicon Nitride. Ballistic resistance of ceramics can be improved by addition of confinement to them. Improvement of ballistic resistance can be done by using confinement to prestress the ceramic. In this context, prestressing of ceramic means deliberate creation of lasting stress in ceramic with goals of improving it ballistic resistance under various conditions.

By prestressing of any target geometries ceramic, improve it ballistic resistance. By prestressing a target that is thin in geometrical aspect lead to delaying of tensile failure at the ceramic. This delay in ceramic failure result to interaction with of projectile with intact ceramic for a longer duration resulting to improvement of ballistic resistance of ceramics. In aspect of thick geometrical ceramic, prestressing can reduce penetration velocity hence Improvement of ballistic resistance of ceramics. This has open new door of various application of ceramics. Due to improvement in ballistic resistance ceramics has led to it significance application in military, airspace application, aircraft industry.In military ceramics has become armor material, while in airspace and aircraft industries it is consider for body finishing for it ballistic resistance; it with the improvement ballistic resistance of ceramic that such applications have been made possible.

In conclusion improving the ballistics resistance of ceramics has continued and will continue to open doors of new application of ceramic. Therefore it is important to emphasis of more research on improving the ballistics resistance of ceramics, since it is offering a promising future application of ceramic.

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