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4 Tips for Writing a Thesis Statement

Many students are challenged with having to write a thesis statement. All essays require the use of a thesis statement and depending on the type of class you are taking you will need to put the thesis into the proper place. While writing a thesis can be frustrating, once you learn the tricks and tips, you will be able to write a thesis statement with ease. There is even the chance that your friends could come to you for help with their thesis statements.

Proper Placement & Necessary Words

The thesis statement is the topic sentence of the essay. It should always go in the beginning of the essay, usually just before transitioning to the middle of the essay. It is important that the thesis is recognizable, so you should always include part of the prompt in the thesis. So, if you are tasked with writing about whether or not professional athletes are overpaid, you should include words like “professional athletes” and “overpaid” so that your professor knows you have paid attention to the requirements.

Begin with “I Think”

The structure of your thesis statement is just as important as the placement. Many people will write a rough thesis statement with the words “I think.” So, if you are writing about the payment for athletes you could begin with “I think professional athletes are not overpaid.”

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have decided on your stance, you then need to include the answer to one of these questions: “So what?” or “Why?” For the thesis about professional athletes, the question “Why?” is a better choice, and it can be answered by including the word “because.” The thesis then develops into “I think professional athletes are not overpaid because they put their bodies at risk for injury like no other profession.”

Revise to Fit Your Facts

When you feel like you have a thesis statement that will satisfy the requirements, you then remove “I think” from the beginning of the essay. The thesis would then become “Professional athletes are not overpaid because they put their bodies at risk for injury like no other profession.” It is important to consider whether or not you can prove the thesis with facts and research. If you cannot, then you should make some revisions. Some writers will leave the thesis as-is and then revise it after writing the body of the essay.

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