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Are Fast Foods Healthy?


Arguably, eating is an essential activity of human being that makes them revive the lost energy and enjoy life. Fast food is the preferable choice of food in a society that functions at a high speed. Imperatively, fast food nutrition needs to make a small portion of the diet. This is because the fast foods and junk foods contain a high percentage of the fats, sugar, and sodium. They are fast to prepare, have good taste, and addictive. Besides, this saves cost of cooking in the kitchen thus makes fast food cost effective. There is an increase in the advertisements on the television, schools, and culture. The aim of the corporations is to make the fast food easily accessible to the community.

Notably, these components are health hazards that lead to disease such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Junk and fast foods affect individual energy since they contain nutrients that cause fatigue. Essentially, the increase sugar levels in the fast foods expose the metabolism under pressure. This will mess the body digestion system and hence makes an individual uncomfortable. This is because the pancreas secretes increased levels of insulin that helps in preventing the blood sugar level to rise. In addition, the fast foods do not contain adequate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. This makes an individual fatigued, grumpy, and craving for sugar.

Moreover, fast foods contain a high amount of fat that accumulates in the body leading to obesity and increase in the body weight. Increase in weights translates to healthy issues and exposure to diseases such as high blood, heart disease, and diabetes. In essence, fast foods are not healthy since they can lead to reduction in the cognitive performance. The body becomes tired and weak since it lacks enough oxygen. For instance, children who eat fast foods will easily feel hungry since high contents of sugar deplete the energy and ability to concentrate.


In conclusion, preparing ones meal is healthy since one knows the ingredients and how the cook is cooked, as well as, the cook. On the other hand, the fast foods are cooked hurriedly, and there is a concern on the quality of the food. Socially, fast foods are not healthy since they make families spend less time together. Mealtime is a critical opportunity for family bonding and enables the family members to converge and share experiences. Therefore, the consumers of this food should consider the disadvantages of eating fast foods against the advantages.

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