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Writing, Revising, And Editing Your PhD Thesis

After completing notes and conducting research for your PhD thesis you are ready to start writing and making revisions. After this is completed you will edit your content and polish it to make it look presentable. Even though these aspects are important parts of the thesis writing process, some students may not take them as seriously as they should. Overlooking small details can make a difference in the quality of the final product.

Check Guidelines and Make Changes Accordingly

One important aspect of your thesis relies on how well you followed guidelines and instructions. When you have finished writing your paper you should review what you created against guidelines to make sure you have met requirements. This is the perfect time to make necessary changes and revisions to ensure your work meets expectations. Check aspects such as formatting, structure, and organization of content. When in doubt about your paper you can have someone such as a colleague, instructor, or professional writer check your work.

Print Out Your Thesis to Find Mistakes

Print out a copy of your thesis to work from and do your proofreading and editing. Use a highlighter to help you find mistakes and errors. You can highlight them to remind you to make a correction. Use a red pen to note what changes you need to make. Then, pull up the content on the computer and use your print out to find problem areas and make corrections. You can repeat the process once you have saved changes made. You may want to repeat the process two or three times. You should notice a considerable amount of improvement in readability. You should also find fewer errors. If you have more time take breaks in between sessions to give your eyes a rest.

Have Someone Else Check Your Work

Consider professional help editing and revising your work. You can find affordable professional editors online that can review your content and make necessary changes in a timely manner. This is a great way to learn from a professional standpoint on how to edit your work. You can also consider having colleagues review your content and give feedback. You can exchange projects and read them to learn from a student perspective on how your content should be presented. If you plan to review your work on your own, plan to spread out the task overtime to make it easier.

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