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Editing And Proofreading Application Essays

There's no need to remind any graduating high school student that their application essay is very important. It's very important because it alone can mean the difference between acceptance to the college of your choice or rejection. You need to get your application essay just right.

We did talk at length about the importance of the writing, the content of your application essay, how you need to avoid flowery language, stick to the point, reveal yourself and above all show how your admission to this particular college would seriously benefit the college. If you can demonstrate your qualities and show how they will be a benefit to the college, you are well on the way to winning a place. The best combination is a well-written essay which shows how the college would enjoy having you admitted as one of its students.

But editing and proofreading are essential

The main aspects you must pay attention to are as follows.

  • typographical errors
  • spelling mistakes
  • grammatical errors
  • clarity of meaning
  • removal of redundant material

We do not mean to make typos or typographical errors, but they certainly do happen. In fact when re-reading your finished work you may not even notice the typo, they just slip by. One way to possibly pick up your typos is to read your finished application essay aloud. Reading it silently may not find those errors.

You can use a spell check software programme to go over your spelling mistakes but sometimes the software does not always work. Always have a backup system which is your own sharp eye. The same goes for grammatical errors. Again the software will indicate where you've used a singular instead of a plural or not constructed a complete sentence, etc. By all means use the software when looking for these mistakes but use your own keen eyes as well.

Clarity of meaning is so important. You may know what you mean to say but unless it comes through that way in your writing then you have failed. It may mean that you need to rewrite a sentence or even an entire paragraph if your meaning is not clear. Clarity of writing needs to be checked.

And finally we come to doing away with some material. You may have agonized for some time over the creation of a sentence or sentences but if they are unnecessary or redundant, they need to go.

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