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Definition Essay Topics: How to Avoid Outdated Topics

Avoiding outdated topics may be achieved by making sure the topics selected are ones that are currently and frequently being used in the Internet blogsphere. Searching for the topic on Google in combination with the word blog should bring up many results that show current activity and blog postings on that topic. Also a topic that is a current once should also be newsworthy to some extent and show up when searching the “News” section of the Google search engine as well as other search engines. Current topics will be found in breaking news stories. There are even websites that provide all the most recent news.

Using RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are another way to make sure the topics are current since these feeds have the feature of being updated in real time so they are always current. Setting up a RSS feed reader is fairly simple and then one may select the RSS feeds that provide information about the topics one is interested in reviewing.

Check the TV & the Web

Checking with the major broadcast websites such as ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC, for example provides a plethora of current topics to choose from. Websites that report on Internet Memes also give current topics to consider.

YouTube videos show the dates they were posted which gives an indication of how recent the items were placed. But, be careful with relying on the YouTube posting date as an indicator of how current a topic is because YouTube users can and frequently do post very old content mixed in with things that are very new. Pay attention to the numbers of hits from a search on the topics because that is both an indicator of how popular the search term is and how old the topics is. If the topics receives fewer hits, it may indicate that it is newer and this can be verified by checking some of the links to see if any dates are on them.

Other News Sources

Newspaper websites or other websites that offer dates for when their article appears are very helpful in this regard. The best way to avoid outdated topics is to make sure the topics chosen are new ones that can be identified on the web to recent dated postings.

No matter the essay topic of choice, using the sources above will ensure that the information being provided is worthwhile and not outdated.

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