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How can we be happy knowing that we’re going to die?

Some people believe in afterlife and realize that this life for them is just temporary and what they achieve here will be what they have to be answerable for in the afterlife. Others tend to believe that since we are going to die anyway, we should enjoy and live life to the fullest. Some others take up the view that life has no meaning or purpose because we are going to die eventually.

What, however, a large number of people fail to realize, in my opinion, is that if one is not consciously aware of death, they are not consciously aware of their life either. It is the idea of embracing that death is inevitable, is what makes a person understand the true purpose and meaning behind life. The concept of death is profound and everyone fears death. Most people don’t talk about death because the conversation is generally morbid in nature.

We are more focused on youth and beauty, productivity and virility in nature. Real life is considered to be specific age groups such as the twenties and thirties, while younger or older ages are considered to be less productive and having less virility.

It is important to realize that worrying about death only limits the ideology of life as one is then focused on the fears of losing life. Life is about following the heart and following dreams while focus on death only limits this focus. Buddha stated quietly aptly that being idle would only be a very small route towards death while diligence can extend life; people are foolish if they focus on being idle in life.

Life is short but that does not imply that it cannot be lived. Letting go of the unnecessary elements in life is one of the ways by which one can feel the true meaning of living. Death is not a fear but a concept that must be kept in mind. However, it should not be used to limit one’s self from living a fulfilled life, one that is full with love, belonging and self-actualization.

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