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How to proofread your Essay

Proofreading is an important part of the essay writing process, but for some reason many students overlook this task. Some claim they do not have time while others are not sure how to complete the process. This is basically the writer going over their work and checking for errors or mistakes that need to be corrected, changed or revised to improve its meaning. This process is actually pretty simple when you know the basic steps.

Read Over Your Essay First and Note Where Changes Need to Be Made

The proofreading process begins with reading over content you wrote. Some do just this; read from start to finish. While reading your content you may want to highlight or note where changes need to be made. You may find a word you used is not the correct word for the meaning of the text. You may find a sentence or a paragraph that needs to be reorganized, shorted, or needs more clarity for the reading audience to better understand it. Take time to note and highlight what changes you want to make and then read it over again before you start making corrections.

Go Back to Where Notes Were Made to Make Changes

You can start making your changes to areas you highlighted or notes you may have written down about the content. You should have a better idea of what your message should be for readers and how your content should be presented. When you make changes you should feel there is some improvement within the text. You should also review your thesis statement and make sure it is thoroughly supported. Revise sentences as needed and make sure paragraphs transition well from one to the next.

Read Essay Over Again to Be Sure

The proofreading process does not have to be done one time. You can choose to do it as many times as needed to ensure clarity of overall content. You can read over your content until you are content with its presentation. You can review your essay and compare it to guidelines and instructions given for the assignment to ensure you have completed the project to the best of your ability. You can do the proofreading process with someone you know. They can read over the content and make suggestions on areas they could use improvement. You can also get assistance from a professional proofreader when in doubt.

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