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Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a muscular disease that has no regards to age, race or size. It can attack anyone and many people around the world have been diagnosed with this disease. It attacks your musculoskeletal and hampers locomotion.

This muscle disease was first named in 1860 by Guillaume Duchenne a French Neurologist. He studied thirteen boys who had the most severe cases of muscular dystrophy which now carries his name Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was not long after this discovery that muscular dystrophy was found to have several different types and levels of the disease.

The conditions of muscular dystrophy are normally inherited but it not limited to heredity. There have been cases of muscular dystrophy being found during the prenatal stages with not genetic history of the disease.

A staggering 33% of people are diagnosed with some form of muscular dystrophy. The most common test for the disease is a muscle biopsy. A physical and medical history are also needed to establish exactly what type of muscular dystrophy the patient may have. Many physicians will notice symptoms that prompt them to do the actual test to make a proper diagnosis.

The most common symptom is the loss of muscle mass. Dropping eyes and poor balance are another common symptom most people experience. Extreme cases have shown symptoms of Atrophy, Scoliosis, inability to walk, calf deformation and respiratory difficulty. There are many other limited functions that people with muscular dystrophy will experience such as frequent falls and limited range of movement.

While there is no known cure for muscular dystrophy, many tremendous achievements have been made in the field for this disease. Great advance have been made in physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy to help people be more productive in life despite this disease.

Advance in orthopedic instruments such as walkers, wheelchairs and mobile devices have helped patients be more productive. Low impact activities have been shown to help with less muscle contractions while things like bodybuilding can make the symptoms worse.

The symptoms and effects of muscular dystrophy are different for each patient diagnosed with this muscular disease. While some patients get progressively weaker and multiple symptoms cause the span of their life to shorten, others have lived a full life with symptoms not showing advancement till later in life. Many patients have benefited from a diet high in lean meats, seafood and food with naturally high levels of antioxidants.

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