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Did you know that it is possible to become a better writer by reading samples and practicing your writing skills?

Many students feel as if once they get to College that they need to be perfect writers if they want to have a high GPA. These poor individuals struggle because all of a sudden the instructors expectations for the quality of their writing have dramatically increased in comparison to High School. It is true, that the first few assignments you get in College will be a big eye-opener, many professors do not grade or evaluate written content the same way as High School teachers. It may take a few “bad” assignments before you begin to get the hang of it. However, it is possible to become a better writer by studying your writing skills.

At first it may seem as if writing is nearly an impossible topic to study. “You are either a writer or you are not”, although having a knack for creative writing does not always come naturally to everyone, ANYONE can learn how to write a perfect academic paper simply by reading a lot of examples and learning how to give the instructor what they way. The first thing that you need to learn once you are enrolled in post-secondary classes is that your main goal is to satisfy your instructor and the assignment criteria. It may be tempting to write unique and creative papers, however this is not always the best way to get a good grade. Instead, try to find some samples of previous writing assignments from the same course or on similar topics and carefully read through these papers. Don’t just stick to reading A+ graded assignments either. Instead, try to get your hands on academic writing assignments from all grade levels, this way you will learn the difference between a paper that lands a high grade, and a paper that does not. After reading enough examples, you will actually be able to give yourself a preliminary grade based on what you know about evaluating content and proper formating, which are the two qualities that instructors look at when coming up with a final grade percentage.

It may take a little bit of extra work, but you can train yourself to be a better essay writer by reading many essays. Try not to get overwhelmed by the process and just make it part of your regular studying routine.

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