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Term Paper Writing: where do I begin

The best place to start is to take action. Often the biggest roadblock to writing is in knowing what to do first. Worrying about what to do only causes stress. Instead, follow a process and complete each step before starting the next. Once you start putting words on paper, it will start to flow. Begin by following these 7 steps to get you a great term paper.

  1. Select a topic that is interesting to you and you know at least a little bit about. Write down all the ideas surrounding the topic that you can think of. Seeing these ideas on paper will help you collect your thoughts and be able to choose a research path later on in another step. If you are having difficulties with topic selection, look through your notes and even in your textbooks. Is there an issue that sparks a question in your mind? Is there a topic you would like to learn more about? You can even find lots of topic ideas online; just make sure to put a new twist on a topic to make it your own.
  2. Choose a format if one has not already been assigned. Your college professor may have already recommended using APA or MLA depending on the course. Make sure you use the recommended format.
  3. Prepare a comfortable location to write. A chair that has good back support so you don’t get tired muscles, ample table space to spread out your laptop and research papers, and lots of water to stay hydrated.
  4. Conduct the research on your topic. Use a variety of sources including internet, libraries, etc. Save all the reference information so that you can properly cite all sources used.
  5. Organize the notes into an outline. Base the outline on the major points you uncovered in the research, and use data and findings to fill it in with. The outline should organize the research main points into a useful pattern.
  6. Write the first draft. Remember this is a rough draft, so don’t try to make it perfect the first time or it will slow you down too much and cause you to lose your momentum.
  7. Proofread and make the paper perfect. There will be some revising to do, some mistakes to fix, some grammar to correct. This is normal and even the very best writers pay a lot of attention to this step.

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