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5 prompts for Revising Academic Essays

Writing articles is very unique, and not often understood by some people. For some the process does not come easy, and for other it does. Today the article will address those who do not take to writing very well. If you need help structuring and revising your essay, here are five prompts that are sure to help you after the fact.

  1. Research: There is nothing like research to back up your essay. If you have written a paper and you note that it lacks the proper research go back and add in more relevant research sources. Research should generally be conducted once you have chosen your topic and thesis. Research will include articles, and experiments that address the theme of your paper. Let it be noted that you can make generalizations within your paper, but baseless claims can make your paper appear weak in nature.
  2. Setting up your paper: Any good academic essay, will start with a stellar outline. This should be done after you have gathered up all the proper research. If you have finished writing your paper and you feel that it is missing something, you can go in at the end and put the information into an outline. Make sure you can identify your thesis. Be sure that all of your main ideas relate back to the thesis. Mapping tools are generally best used when conducting an outline.
  3. Stay on topic: You must stay on topic when writing a paper. A paper that lacks focus is generally weak in nature. You want to limit the main ideas in your paper to fit the page count. Only choose main ideas that are relevant to the thesis and can be backed up by numerous research inquiries. Furthermore, you should be sure that all main ideas and supporting ideas relate back to the thesis.
  4. Enlisting the help of others: Have your friends and family check over the work that you have created. Ask them to check for spelling errors, and structural errors as it relates to proper grammar usage. Be sure to ask them if they have any suggestions that will help make your paper stronger. You can also enlist the help of a professional writing service. They will provide you with a quality edit and helpful feedback.
  5. Spell check and grammar check your work: Spell checker was created to correct spelling errors within your paper. The checker catches many of the mistakes that you will make throughout the writing process. You can even utilize grammar check on Microsoft programs.

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