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5 most common Mistakes in Research Paper Writing

When it comes to writing a research paper there are a lot of rules that a student needs to follow in order to earn the best grade possible. For many student researchers there are a lot of mistakes that they fall into which can harm the quality of the finished product. This is a helpful list of five mistakes that people make that can be avoided with a little attention to detail.

  1. Not Using Library Resources- In the modern age of technology, many researchers tend to forget the easiest part of research is to go to your school library and ask your librarian to help search for the right sources and find all relevant information. Often we forget all about the people who went to school to make research easier and the can help a student get a better grade quicker than before.
  2. Not Citing Work Properly- Another common mistake is that work is not cited properly. Whenever a fact, statement or quote is taken from a source it belongs to that source and if you use it then it has to be cited which gives credit to the original source. Otherwise a person would be taking the credit for someone else’s work.
  3. Too many quotes-Some people tend to use too many quotes to fill up the spaces of the research paper. Use quotes judiciously and not to fill space. Each quote should have a purpose in supporting the thesis of the research paper and if they don’t then they should be ignored.
  4. Not using proper format- Read the directions from you paper carefully and completely. Many schools require APA format in all research papers. This doesn’t mean that it is going to be more difficult but it does mean that there are certain rules that need to be followed. These rules apply to the spacing, aligning and the overall presentation of the research paper and that is important to the final grade a paper might receive.
  5. Poor Thesis Statement- This is a key mistake because a thesis statement should be able to carry the research and writing of the entire paper. Spend a significant amount of time in finding the right thesis statement for your research. If it is too narrow then it will be difficult to finish and if it is too broad, it will be difficult to keep the research and paper to the desired length.

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